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Helping dogs and their owners


Alanna Scanlan

Dynamic Dog Practitioner, Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

I have been obsessed with dogs since I was very young but wasn't able to get my own dog until I was 14. Amber was my absolute world, she was a perfect puppy and taught me so much about owning and caring for a dog.


I spent hours training her to do tricks, open and close doors, collect the post and a million and one other things. After Amber died my life fell apart and I decided to completely change careers from working for the NHS to becoming a dog trainer. Inca also came into my life and she was the polar opposite of Amber - sharp, boisterous and quite a handful!

As well as volunteering at the Dogs Trust dog school I decided to train with the IMDT as their ethics to train dogs professionally with honesty, integrity and in the best interest of the dog really struck a chord with me. I didn’t want to cause any harm or pain, I wanted to make sure I was working with dogs and owners and striving for a happy and healthy relationship.

 I am a strong believer in developing the bond between you and your dog and getting you working in partnership together. Using reward based positive methods which are backed by science I want to work together with you to get the results you want.


Understanding and empathy

I know the struggles of having a dog that feels out of control, that you don't know what to do with next, to read and watch twenty different methods online and in books - many of which contradict each other!

Inca was a handful as a young dog, and my dreams of taking her to work with me were dashed by her anxiety and reactivity. Her huge responses made me anxious on walks, and what was supposed to be a fun bonding experience every day quickly became a dreaded chore.

I'm not here to judge you, I have been in your shoes. I'm here to help you understand why your dog is responding or behaving the way they do and to teach you both the skills to move forwards and be a successful partnership.

An adolescent black dog with funny ears
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