Alanna Scanlan IMDTB

I am Alanna Scanlan and I have run Hound About Town since 2016. I’ve been obsessed with dogs since I was very young and I remember poring over a big yellow book at all the pictures of dogs, trying to decide which one I would have if I could (all of them!). I wasn’t able to have my own dog as a child and so I had to get my fix in other ways, training the neighbours’ dogs to do tricks, helping out with a friend’s dog when she had puppies, and using every opportunity available to get stuck in at the local pet shop.

A black dog with pointy ears on the left and a woman on the right

I finally got my first dog, Amber when I was 14 and it opened up a whole new world for me. Amber was my shadow, we were inseparable, and I spent hours training her to do tricks, open and close doors, collect the post and a million and one other things. After Amber died my life fell apart and I decided to completely change careers from working for the NHS to becoming a dog trainer. Inca also came into my life and she was the polar opposite of Amber - sharp, boisterous and quite a handful!

As well as volunteering at the Dogs Trust dog school I decided to train with the IMDT as their ethics to train dogs professionally with honesty, integrity and in the best interest of the dog really struck a chord with me. I didn’t want to cause any harm or pain, I wanted to make sure I was working with dogs and owners and striving for a happy and healthy relationship.

 I am a strong believer in developing the bond between you and your dog and getting you working in partnership together. Using reward based positive methods which are backed by science I want to work together with you to get the results you want.

I am accredited with the IMDT and IMDTB and am also a Bronze Instructor with UK Sniffer Dogs. I keep up to date by regularly attending courses, seminars, and workshops. I specialise in trick training and heelwork to music and although I adore all dogs I especially enjoy working with Border Collies and Cockapoos!

I share my life with Inca, a Border Collie x German Shepherd.

A closeup of a black and tan dog with two different ears
A pointy eared bacl dog with a white stripe on her face against a pale yellow background