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Other services

As well as 121 sessions we offer a range of other services aimed at building a better relationship and a solid future for you and your dog.

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Training walks

If you need some extra help while you're not there, or want your trainer to get you started before handing the lead over to you.

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Life skills sessions

Small 'real life' group sessions out and about in the real world to build on your training.

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Online training classes

Zoom classes covering a different topic each week. Fancy doing something a bit different? Or polishing up existing skills? All from the comfort of your own home.

Training walks

A lady in a red hoodie and black trousers with a black and white dog doing some beautiful heelwork

This service is ideal for reactive, nervous dogs or rescue dogs as it gets them out and about in the world as well as teaching basic obedience exercises such as walking nicely on the lead, polite greetings, and basic impulse control. This is also helpful for teaching puppies or adolescent dogs basic manners and good behaviour and halting any bad habits before they become more serious issues.

Each dog is given a individually tailored walk and train programme which can help you put the perfect foundations in place or give you added support while you are at work. Combined with personalised coaching walks to transfer your pups new prowess this will empower you with the skills to continue with your calm and confident best friend.

Training walks

Life skills sessions

A white and brown cockapoo and an irish terrier gallop through a field playfully off lead

This service is ideal for friendly dogs who have done some training with us and now need to bring those skills into the real world. In groups of no more than 4 dogs we work on skills such as,

  • recall from distractions (dogs, people, wildlife)

  • settling at a cafe/pub garden

  • polite greetings

  • appropriate play and socialisation

A block of sessions is four weeks long and costs £60. Sessions run on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. Dogs must have completed at least three 121 sessions before signing up.

Life skills sessions starting September 7th 2023 - join the waiting list.


Life skills

Online training classes

A yellow labrador puppy sits patiently

Online training classes run over zoom, each session covers something different. Classes last 30 minutes and all you need is a computer/phone with a camera and an internet connection. Some of the things we cover include:

  • Building your stay cue

  • Trick training

  • Impulse control games

  • Teaching 'leave it'

  • Scentwork

  • Grooming and nail trimming


Classes run on Tuesdays at 7pm

Online classes

Not sure what to book?

Get in touch, tell us more about your dog and we will be happy to recommend a service.

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