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Behaviour Programmes

Behavioural support may be required in situations where your dog is displaying undesired or problematic behaviours. Issues such as:

  • lunging and barking at other dogs or people

  • guarding food, objects, or space

  • separation anxiety

  • compulsive behaviours such as light/shadow chasing, spinning, compulsive licking/grooming

  • fear and anxiety

A black and tan cocker spaniel smiffing grass and giving whale eye

The Dynamic Dog protocol is included in behaviour assessments which involves a functional analysis to ascertain your dogs comfort levels, to ensure that physical discomfort is not adding to your dogs behaviour. Working with a sound knowledge of the inner structures and systems of the dog, I understand the impact that emotional and physical health may have on a dogs behaviour. Everything is connected, and that is why I insist on a full and detailed assessment when working with you & your dog.

What happens?

Dogs often won't show pain and discomfort in ways that we would expect. Behaviours like resource guarding, pica (eating non food items), spinning, light or shadow chasing, barking, hyperactivity, inability to settle, handling issues, - can all have pain or discomfort as a contributing factor.

A recent study by Professor Daniel Mills at Lincoln University found that approximately 80% of dogs that presented with behavioural issues had some form of undiagnosed pain.

Pain related behaviour can be very complex and subtle signals can easily go unnoticed for months or even years. If you've ever noticed your dog doesn't like to be touched in certain places, avoids certain positions or activites, or you suspect that pain or discomfort may be contributing to your dogs behaviour then your dog may benefit from an assessment.

Your initial behaviour session will be a full assessment of the issue at hand. We will discuss your dogs day to day routine, diet and nutrition, exercise and enrichment, and identify the main causes of the unwanted behaviour as well as offer techniques to manage and reduce instances of the behaviour.

You will receive a comprehensive report following your first session, detailing how we will move forward over your next sessions, any neccessary exercise handouts or information sheets, and full email and Whatsapp support and we will book your follow up session which is included.

Your initial session costs £185. Depending on the issue, your first session may take place either in person or online.

Choose a follow on programme

a brown bulldog face illustration


What's included?


  • 2 x 1hr follow up sessions

  • Weekly check ins

  • Email and whatsapp support

a grey and white husky face illustration


What's included?

  • 4 x 1hr follow up sessions

  • Weekly check ins

  • Email and whatsapp support

a chocolate dobermann illustration with cropped ears


What's included?


  • 9 x 1hr follow up sessions

  • Weekly check ins

  • Email and whatsapp support

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