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Courses and professional development

It's really important to keep knowledge up to date and continuously learn more. I love learning about dogs and taking deep dives in dogs and training. Here are a few of the courses and qualifications I have completed.


Perfect Puppy course

Canine first aid

Impulse Control seminar

Career as a dog trainer course

Practical instructor course

Canine aggression and rehabilitation

IMDTB Resource guarding

IMDTB Separation Anxiety

IMDTB Abnormal repetitive behaviours in dogs

IMDTB Working with noise sensitivities and phobias

IMDTB level 5 Working with canine behaviour - analysis and application


Webinar - Picking a puppy - evaluating puppy structure

Webinar - Radius training - the invisible long line

Webinar - The biology of socialisation

Webinar - Building a confident cheerful hold

Webinar - Kim Brophey - Ethological contributions to behaviour problems in dogs

Webinar - Musical freestyle - 5 things to get started

Webinar - Musical freestyle - from inspiration to realisation

Webinar - Mike Shikashio - Dogs that guard their owners


Dynamic Dog Practitioner Course

From the Hound up - Gemma Hodson

Gait analysis with Petra Ford

7 days to a more confident dog

2 day TTouch workshop with Toni Shelbourne

UK Sniffer Dogs - Bronze Instructor Course

Training dogs for TV & film

1 day heelwork to music workshop with Mary Ray

1 day heelwork to music and freestyle workshop with Richard Curtis


This list will be continuously updated!

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