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Dog training & behaviour

Bespoke 1-2-1 services with long term support

specialising in puppies and adolescent dogs

brown cockapoo puppy loose lead walking

Relationship based dog training

Are you struggling with your dogs behaviour?

Maybe you have a new puppy and you need some help and advice for your new arrival?

Hound About Town provides one to one training and behaviour support individually tailored to you and your dog.


It's really important to me that both you and your dog enjoy training sessions. I use positive reinforcement, with scientifically backed, reward based training to teach you and your dog the skills you need for a happy and harmonious relationship.


Training and behaviour programmes



I can help with:

  • puppy training

  • crate training

  • loose lead walking

  • toilet training

  • general obedience

  • recall

  • socialisation


I can help with:

  • resource guarding

  • separation distress

  • dog/dog reactivity

  • noise sensitivity

  • fear and anxiety

  • obsessive behaviour

Dynamic Dog Assessment

A functional assessment using a wide variety of techniques to ascertain your dogs comfort and spot any potential pain.

Liasing with your vet and other canine professionals to get your dog the help they need.


Recommended by..

Wendy and Lola

"As a first time puppy mummy my confidence was very low at the start as I’d struggled with puppy blues. Alanna really helped build my confidence by showing me how to train Lola the right way."

Sharon and Bailey

"My puppy improved so much after our training sessions. Alanna visited our home, came on a walk and met us at our local park for a session. Our time was spent training me to train my pup. Alanna was calm, confident and made me and my dog feel very comfortable."

Sunita and Mars

"Alanna’s tips helped us a lot to train our pup to behave better when in public and on walks. She was very patient, attentive and calm with both us and our pup. She also provided information on treats, toys and tricks for his mental and physical stimulation."

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