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Dynamic Dog Assessment

If you're a canine professional and suspect that a dog you're working with may have pain or discomfort as a contributing factor to their behaviour please get in touch! I can offer support to your clients, working in unison with you to get the dog the help they need.


Dogs often won't show pain and discomfort in ways that we would expect. Behaviours like resource guarding, pica (eating non food items), spinning, light or shadow chasing, barking, hyperactivity, inability to settle, handling issues, - can all have pain or discomfort as a contributing factor.

A recent study by Professor Daniel Mills at Lincoln University found that approximately 80% of dogs that presented with behavioural issues had some form of undiagnosed pain.

Pain related behaviour can be very complex and subtle signals can easily go unnoticed for months or even years. If you've ever noticed your dog doesn't like to be touched in certain places, avoids certain positions or activites, or you suspect that pain or discomfort may be contributing to your dogs behaviour then your dog may benefit from an assessment.



What an assessment involves..

1. Deep Dive

We start with an initial chat about your dog and the behaviours you've noticed. We dive into everything about your dogs life, from sleep positions to the food they eat and everything in between.


Next we gather data for the assessment, this will include videos and still images of your dog. I then spend a few days analysing this and creating a report.

3. Veterinary report & liason

I produce a comprehensive report with video and photographic evidence. After discussing my findings with you you can liase with your vet so they can diagnose any underlying health issues and I am on hand for ongoing support.

What happens in a Dynamic Dog Assessment?

The initial deep dive can be done either online or face to face. We discuss every aspect of your dogs life, their like and dislikes, any behaviour changes , preferences, veterinary history so I can get a full picture of your dog and their life. This can be done in person or online.

Next we gather the necessary data, I will guide you through getting videos and pictures of your dog so that I can analyse their movement and posture. Depending on where you are located I may be able to help with this.

Once the evidence is gathered I go through your videos and photos with a fine toothed comb, highlighting any abnormalities and putting together a thorough report using information from our deep dive conversation.

I will send a comprehensive report to your vet along with supporting video and photo evidence so that they can investigate any potential underlying issues which may be contributing to your dogs behavioural challenges.

You will have my support and advice throughout the process. A Dynamic Dog Assessment often goes hand in hand with a behaviour programme in order to help you to manage your dog.


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