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Have you got a bouncy dog?

Here are 5 top tips to teach your pup that four paws on the floor is fun!

Having a dog that jumps up at you all the time is no fun at all. Getting covered in muddy paw prints, knocking over children.. It can be a real pain! Luckily we have five top tips to help teach your dog that keeping four paws on the floor is best for everyone.

1. Ignore the jumping – As soon as your pup jumps up at you, remove all attention! Turn your face away and fold your arms on your chest until your dog is back down.

2. Remain calm – Don’t say anything when your dog jumps up. Shouting “DOWN” and “NO” is still giving your dog attention and can actually add to their excitement

3. Reward four on the floor – Make sure you get down low when your dog is on the floor and reward them there. A few treats or a big fuss when all four paws are on the floor is perfect.

4. Teach an alternative behaviour – Try teaching your dog to automatically sit to greet people. Teaching a sit or a middle is great as they physically can’t jump up when they are in these positions!

5. Be consistent – Make sure everyone in the household is following the same rules and when your dog realises that jumping up no longer gets them any attention, they will soon stop doing it.

If you're still having trouble and you need a little help, why not book a 121 session?

Sessions can be booked through the website.

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