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Dog School

Occasionally you may need a little extra help with your training, that's where I come in! With over 20 years of hands on dog training experience I can get the ball rolling for you.

Training Walks

Pay as you go



Book one off walks to boost your training. Ideal for if you're already on a training or behavioural package and need a bit of extra help.


£340 for 4 weeks


- 2 x 45 minute walks per week 

- 1 of which is a handover/coaching walk 

- email support and check ins


£499 for 4 weeks

- 3 x 45 minute walks per week 

- 2 of which are handover/coaching walks

- email support and check ins

What happens in a Dynamic Dog Assessment?

During a Dynamic Dog Assessment I carry out a functional assessment using a wide variety of techniques to ascertain your dogs comfort levels.

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