Training and Rehabilitation Walks

Do you have trouble with your dog:

- Barking at other dogs/people

- Pulling on the lead

- Not coming back when called

This service is ideal for reactive, nervous dogs or rescue dogs as it gets them out and about in the world but they are also taught basic obedience exercises such as walking nicely on the lead, polite greetings and basic impulse control. This is also helpful for teaching puppies or adolescent dogs basic manners and good behaviour and halting any bad habits before they become more serious issues.

Each dog is given a individually tailored walk and train programme which can help you put the perfect foundations in place or give you added support while you are at work. Combined with personalised transfer coaching walks this will empower you with the skills to continue with your calm and confident best friend.

There are two options for training walks, you can pay as you go or choose a package and generally which one you choose depends on the severity of the problem and how much time you want to commit to training. 


We always start with an initial consultation which is where we meet (either online or face to face) and go through some questions about your dog and their lifestyle and the issues that you're having. I go through some training with you and give you advice about things you can change at home which could help. After that you can either book training walks one at a time in which case they cost £42.50 per 45 minute walk or you can opt for a package. 


Silver package - £340 for 4 weeks

- 2 x 45 minute walks per week 

- 1 of which is a handover/coaching walk 

- email support and check ins


Gold package - £500 for 4 weeks

- 3 x 45 minute walks per week 

- 2 of which are handover/coaching walks 

- email support and check ins