Puppy Training

One to one puppy training means we can concentrate on the things you need whether it's socialisation, building your puppies confidence or teaching them not to chew on you and your furniture.  We cover things like grooming and handling, teaching focus, and how to be calm and settle.


The main aim of puppy training is to give you a solid foundation to move forwards and to help your puppy grow into a confident, happy, and well rounded dog. Sessions last one hour and after each appointment you will receive an emailed summary of everything we covered.

Puppy Robert.jpg
Labrador puppy nellie

A session or a package?

Sessions can be booked individually or as part of a package.

Individual sessions are perfect if you just have one issue you need help with, maybe you are struggling with crate training or maybe you can't quite get your pup to sit. 

A package is ideal if you'd prefer a bit more support, perhaps it's your first dog and you want to make sure you're doing everything right from the outset or maybe you'd like the structure of a puppy class but with the added benefits of the trainers full attention.

Still not sure?